• The ultimate add-on for
  • your Harley-Davidson factory
    security system
  • Designed to fit your Haley-Davidson
  • factory security system, the
    SmartLINK is a GPS-enabled device
    that will send cellular notifications
    directly to your smartphone for any
    alert generated by the
    Harley-Davidson security system
  • Installation is simple with the
  • included harness that will connect
    directly to the factory alarm siren
    plug (prior to installation, a factory
    Harley-Davidson security system
    is required)
  • Always-on GPS, telematics and
  • security in one: simply connect to
    your Harley-Davidson Factory Alarm
    plug using the supplied connector
  • Employs a cloud-based server-to-
  • device architecture so that you can
    securely access your rides and data from any device, anywhere
  • Records rides, access previous ride stats, and monitors your bike remotely (available on Android, iOS and PC)
  • Cellular notifications: All notifications are sent directly to your phone via the Ride app, SMS or email, giving you virtually unlimited
  • monitoring range
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Monitor and track your bike’s rides and location at all times
  • Power Interruption Sensor and Backup Battery: Receive an alert when the power has been cut to the security device
  • Emergency Mode: Allow law enforcement to temporarily access your stolen bike’s location
  • Anti-theft Geofencing Sensors: Receive an alert when the bike leaves a specific geographic location
  • Ride Segments: Easily access and analyze your ride segments; segments capture the elapsed time, speed and route
  • Ride Playback: Relive your favorite rides by activating your 3D Ride Playback through Google Earth
  • Share with friends: Add photos to your segments, and share your rides via social media
  • P ART  #
    Ride SmartLINK
    $449.95 LIGHTING
  • The SR-i900R is a latest-generation
  • two-way FM security system offering
    hands-free RFID technology
  • Simply walk towards or away from
  • your bike, and the remote transceiver
    will automatically communicate an
    arm or disarm command using its
    proximity recognition system
  • This unique auto-arm and hands-
  • free disarm operation provides
    the highest standard of security
    and convenience
  • Standard features include:
  • RF-ID for hands-free operation
  • Programmable auto or manual
  • arming and disarming
  • Long-range FM transceiver (up to
  • a 1 / 2 mile)
  • Range and signal status display
  • Compact design (3 1 / 16 ” x 2 3 / 4 ” x 7 / 8 ”)
  • Dual-axis accelerometer for detecting
  • impact/ inclination
  • Built-in 120 dB multi-tone siren with soft chirp
  • Sensor violation display
  • Audible/ vibrating alert
  • Remote motorcycle finder/ panic alarm
  • Programmable perimeter sensor with warn away that detects motion around the bike, protecting saddlebags, luggage and accessories
  • Built-in battery backup system allows the pager to operate even if wires are cut or circumvented
  • Ignition disable feature allows the user to remotely cut off the engine in case of hijack
  • Includes charging cord for remote receiver
  • Factory connector kits allow the alarm system to be integrated into the OEM-style harness without any cutting or splicing (sold separately; see
  • page 1732)
    NOTE: Includes module, mounting kit and hardwire kit (not shown).
    P ART  #
    SR-i900R RFID/ two-way FM security system
    $439.95 GENERAL